We bring leadership and management to the Built Environment with the intent of creating collective success that goes beyond the project

what we do

At Castiel, we provide cross-sector project and cost management for companies that buy, build, lease and refurbish buildings. We manage risks and maximise value for money to deliver successful outcomes.

Our approach is simple and effective: building solid relationships with our clients, getting to know them well, and putting our minds to work to find innovative real estate solutions that help create a better world for all of us.

At Castiel, we believe in creativity and teamwork.


Our work begins with an exhaustive analysis of our clients’ objectives and needs, to the point of making them our own. This allows us to have conversations based on trust and mutual respect.

We present creative solutions in collaboration with our clients.

We comply with our client’s business objectives and help them minimise their impact thanks to our expertise.

We create inclusive, supportive and respectful environments for teams to collaborate: we look after our clients’ projects so that they can focus on their business.

We establish and maintain long-lasting relationships: collaborating with them makes us perform at our best.